Upgrade Warnings - ghostcript-cups removal and CUPS updates fixes printer error

spock - 30.11.2013, 13:16
Post subject: ghostcript-cups removal and CUPS updates fixes printer error
The title says it all: instead of warnings of breakages, I hope it's OK to report here that a DU a few days ago which pulled in lots of CUPS updates actually fixed my girlfriend's printer Very Happy

I was initially unsure, as DU wanted to remove ghostscript-cups, but I assume that it's no longer necessary. Her printer (an old Epson Stylus Photo RX425) had mysteriously stopped working in Linux, reporting "Printer not ready" errors, but it would print fine from a Windoze laptop. Scanning with SANE was still OK. I didn't report a bug as I feared it might be to do with using different ink cartridges.

After DU, printing now works perfectly again like it always used to. So a massive thanks to all developers of CUPS, ghostscript, aptosid and all Free Software Cool

I see now that CUPS wants to be upgraded again, so I'll do that and hope it causes no more issues, and fixes bugs for you too Smile
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