Upgrade Warnings - An upgrade problem

rakuman - 13.03.2014, 17:17
Post subject: An upgrade problem
I did a dist-upgrade on 28 Feb on this Sony Vaio laptop running 64 bit KDE, this took me from kernel 3.11.6.slh.2-aptosid-64 to kernel 3.13.5.slh.3-aptosid-64. Booting up in the new system gives the error "cannot read disk hd0" and then a kernel panic and freeze on fixable with power switch.

However I boot without problem with kernel 3.11.6, but none of the items on the leave menu are functional, no logout, no shutdown, nothing. I can still to shutdown as root from a terminal.

I would like to get this sorted without a reinstall, anyone got any ideas.....
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