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adam - 12.10.2010, 10:32
Post subject: kde 4.5
Hi everybody.

I recently installed aptosid to my desktop pc with kdelite amd64 iso.
Although i did a dist-upgrade my kde version is still 4.4.5.

Am i missing something?

What should i do to install kde 4.5?

Thanks in advance...

Edit: I saw that there is an unoffical mirror for it but why it isn't in official repositories?
monkeynuts - 12.10.2010, 11:08
Post subject: RE: kde 4.5
Because Debian Testing is frozen. The Debian devs do not have the time to build kde4.5. Their efforts at this point are to get the rc bugs out of Squeeze so it can be released.

If you must have it use the unofficial repo, but keep in mind that it isn't supported.
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