Software - Mediaplayer suitable for touchscreen wanted

Crypto1971 - 25.06.2014, 16:43
Post subject: Mediaplayer suitable for touchscreen wanted

I'm looking for a good media player to be used with touchscreen.

I have tried amarok on kde (touchscreen mode) which I think is rather bloated and difficult to operate on touchscreen.

I have used vlc, tried some skins said to be good for touchscreen, but as soon as one opens a system setting or wants to browse to a directory with media files, the standard vlc gui comes up, unskinned, and again is useless or hard to operate with touchscreen.

So, which suggestions do you have for me which media player should I try? Currently I am mostly interested in playing back flac files as I have grabbed all my CDs and converted them into flac files.

Thanks for any hint and many regards,
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