All the news about aptosid - 2014-01 or 2015-01?

elish - 15.12.2014, 06:27
Post subject: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
Just wanted to check if there is a chance for a fresh release before the year ends.
Thank you.
vinur - 27.12.2014, 21:03
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
      elish wrote:
Just wanted to check if there is a chance for a fresh release before the year ends.
Thank you.
I think that many people would consider the question, to be a nuisance.
In response: Do you not think that the aptosid team cares? They do.
Trolling for a response to the obvious is in fairly bad form, and to do so for several years running is pretty obvious behavior.

I am not upset with you, I have a few minutes to respond, as I noticed several days ago this was not being responded to.
So this is for the offhand but likely possibility that someone new would find it and actually wonder what is going on.

aptosid is in fact a rolling release. It does not get out of date, if you actually upgrade it as you should.
The active nature of it is tied to the upgrade path of apt-get and good repositories.

The snapshot ISO is stabilized and created when and if the Debian aspect of development on it is stable enough for that ISO Image to be created. In the meantime the current ISO is good enough to be usable. And in fact, even as a common user, I have done so many times of late. I just do not run into any issues that would make it not actually functional. That's it. It works as it is.
2013-1 even though a lot of upgrades will come to an install that is freshly made, that is exactly what is suppose to happen.

The lack of response, For those who may actually be new here, is not rudeness. Its the developers not reacting to the annoyances from the user who was asking the obvious... And was asking again fully knowing the answer already.

Frankly and succinctly, again: A new aptosid will occur, when and if the general environment to produce one is stable enough to actually do so with the quality of a new aptosid snapshot to be good enough to stand on its own.

Given that the current one works pretty good to this date speaks volumes to its inherent quality in a world of revolutionary software.

I hope this helps those who may be new here and wondered, why the silence.
Very Happy
elish - 28.12.2014, 17:51
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
My question is innocent.
IMHO making an OS available for the general public involves not only code work but also user support.
Don't want to be bothered with such questions? A few clarifying words in the start page here can make a difference.
browe - 13.01.2015, 03:46
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
I'm curious to know if an install to disk and subsequent dist-upgrade would work with the 2013-01 live CD. There have been several major changes in debian since 2013 and the upgrade path may not be reliable. If someone has done a fresh install and dist-upgrade please post your results.
bfree - 14.01.2015, 13:55
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
The upgrade path is fine and a dist-upgrade from a fresh install will work.

You might want to install apt and dpkg (i.e. upgrade them to the current versions) first to try and avoid having to run the dist-upgrade repeatedly (probably with some apt-get -f install in between), but that's just relating to a solved bug in the old apt regarding triggers rather then anything to do with changes in Debian.
browe - 14.01.2015, 15:51
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
Good to know it all works as it should even with an iso that is more than 1yr old. I typically install apt and apt-utils prior to dist-upgrade if I see them in the list to be updated. The longest I've gone without a dist-upgrade was about 6 months. The other trick I use on neglected computers is to switch the sources to testing, do a dist-upgrade then switch to sid and do the same. That said, it would be good to have a fresh iso. If anyone wants to roll one, I'd be happy to help with the testing.
finotti - 14.01.2015, 17:15
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
I don't remember exactly what was said before, but there were some discussions on how to DU new installs and I think there were a few extra steps, perhaps regarding systemd. Unfortunately I don't have time to search now...

In any case, please let us know your experience, as I will have to do a new install soon. Smile
elish - 14.01.2015, 18:24
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
It would have been nice if aptosid had a feature that enabled the user to create an iso from hard drive installation that included all the dist-upgrades.
This way if something breaks and there is a need to reinstall one uses the iso image above instead of the live CD and a lengthy dist-upgrade afterward.
finotti - 14.01.2015, 20:09
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
elish: you could create an image of your installation. You could use "dd" or some other utility, such as Clonezilla. Just an idea...
skiathan - 21.01.2015, 07:41
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
finotti: I just installed aptosid some weeks ago on a notebook and on a virtual machine. Both installations werde done from the xfce4-amd64-iso. The dist-uprgrades worked in both cases almost without problems, it just took some time and I had to apt-get -f install three packages on the notebook.
finotti - 21.01.2015, 14:44
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
Thanks skiathan for the info!
finotti - 10.02.2015, 02:06
Post subject: RE: 2014-01 or 2015-01?
For what is worth, I've just done a new install (from 2013-1 KDE full), followed bfree's advice (installed apt and dpkg first) and all went well.
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