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etorix - 19.01.2015, 14:37
Post subject: Forum Register issue
We have a major bug within aptosid.com forums that is causing problems for new user registrations.

It manifests itself with the following notice:

"Error! An unidentified problem occurred while sending an e-mail message"

Whilst the registration is accepted, it will not allow the new user to login.

Until we are able to fix the issue the temporary solution for now is as follows:

Step #1
With an IRC client /join #aptosid

Step #2
State your issue about registration and be patient, A response from admin could take minutes or hours, depending on time zones.
A member of the admin team will enter into a private conversation to assist you.
Lat - 25.01.2015, 15:13
Post subject: RE: Forum Register issue
Step #1
With an IRC client connect to irc.oftc.net (usually /server irc.oftc.net) then /join #aptosid
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