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cookdav - 10.06.2015, 17:08
Post subject: Installation issues...
I was reading in an earlier posting, i.e. about a promise(?) that a new release/install/rescue DVD would come out once a year? The present one is 2+ years old.

I tried a couple of native installs, which went fine, but then when
trying to upgrade to 'current' (using my old aliases that were recommended here 4 or 5 years ago) i.e. ::

alias upg-sidux-1='apt-get update; echo " New-pkg-info-ONLY-phase: Completed."'
alias upg-sidux-2='apt-get -dV dist-upgrade; echo " Download-ONLY-phase: Completed."'
alias upg-sidux-3='apt-get -s dist-upgrade; echo " Simulation-ONLY-phase: Completed."'
alias upg-sidux-4='[ $(runlevel | cut -d\ -f2) != 3 ] && echo "Do init 3 first." || { /usr/bin/apt-get dist-upgrade; echo " ACTUAL-UPGRADE-phase: Completed."; }'

[ I had just too many confusing collisions to figure out how to resolve them, and
there were nearly 1000 pkgs that needed updating, etc. ]

So, now I'm trying a 3rd install [virtually, using VirtualBox hosted under
Windows-8.1], and am confused about why I'm getting 'empty' partition (VDI)
at the last dialog step in the installer. (A popup thinks I'm using VMware
rather than VirtualBox and says "Rootpartition empty! Please create a linux partition. You must use "Linux/Other Linux", NOT "Other
Linux 2.6x kernel)

Is VirtualBox ok to use, instead of VMware?
If so, how do I solve this glitch?

And, lastly, ARE there plans to produce a newer kit soon...to replace the 2+ year-old one?

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