Upgrade Warnings - kernel 4.6 breaks module build

Ilinsekt - 20.05.2016, 09:35
Post subject: kernel 4.6 breaks module build
Trying to build bbswitch on the new kernel fails with the error

No rule to make target 'tools/objtool/objtool', needed by '/mnt/osdata/var/lib/dkms/bbswitch/0.8/build/bbswitch.o'.  Stop.

likely because the objtool binary is missing from the kernel/headers packages. See also this Fedora bug tracker entry. On an unrelated note, Nvidia also doesn't build with the new kernel, but the error messages are not that obvious there, this may have another cause.
slh - 23.05.2016, 12:44
Post subject: RE: kernel 4.6 breaks module build
Thanks for reporting this in such a detailed way, I could reproduce the issue with rtl8192du and module-assistant. linux-aptosid 4.6-2 should fix the objtool problem.
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