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Hanisch - 03.08.2016, 15:14
Post subject: [solved]VM's does not start

Suddenly my VM's restart after updating to VirtualBox version 5.1.0 die any more. For example LinuxMintDEBIAN 2.

But only some other VM's works fine.

But now appears a window:

Starting virtualbox machine ...

and after a while a second window


Starting virtualbox machine ... (2/2)

with the display: 20%

I can not cancel that too.

What's going on there?

CH. Hanisch
slh - 03.08.2016, 16:45
Post subject: RE: VM
Are you sure that virtualbox' kernel modules have been built against kernel 4.7, if your still have an older 4.6 kernel installed it might be worth testing?

[imagine plug for the mainline supported alternative qemu/ kvm]
Hanisch - 12.11.2016, 19:11
Post subject: Re: RE: VM
in the VirtualBox Version 5.xx it is necessary to set for
Host-Treiber: ALSA-Audio-Treiber OR PulseAudio

Controller: Intel HD Audio

Ch. Hanisch
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