Upgrade Warnings - kde-plasma broken?

ganymed - 04.11.2016, 21:48
Post subject: kde-plasma broken?
Have just started a dist-upgrade after noticing that no more packets were about to be deleted. When I log into sddm now I automatically get into a Firefox window and when I try to minimize or close that window I'm left with a black screen and no options but to restart sddm or reboot. Unfortunately this leads into the same procedure again. The only way out is log into Fluxbox which I have done now. Anyone else having similar problems?
slh - 04.11.2016, 23:43
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
There still seem to be problems with the QML based startup environment, probably conflicting APIs between old and new KDE versions. I'd strongly suggest waiting a little longer, installing another desktop environment (lxqt, xfce, etc.) should help as a temporary bandaid.
slh - 06.11.2016, 00:48
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
The plot thickens that this is a serious regression in the new qt 5.7.1's QML support (basically a scripting language) - given that KDE5/ plasma massively relies on QML for basic functionality and rendering makes this a 'tiny' problem...
manul - 06.11.2016, 01:14
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
Same here.

As I get it is a known issue - and there is no cure for KDE unless next KDE updates come in...?
slh - 06.11.2016, 01:49
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
Correct on both accounts, there are just two workarounds - either temporarily (co-)installing another desktop environment or downgrading qt (I'd suggest against this, as it has quite a lot of potential for breakage, given that qt consists of more than a handful of packages, with rather complex interdependencies).
manul - 06.11.2016, 02:38
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
slh: Thanks.

I think this is the relevant bug in bugtracker: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrepo ... bug=843208

I'd also rather not mess up with downgrade - so using lxqt now.
slh - 06.11.2016, 03:01
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
There are several bugreports about this already, the one you referenced is one of better ones.
alexk - 06.11.2016, 21:44
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
I haven't been able to use sddm, either. Starting yesterday, it gave me a blank screen with no login boxes, now I can't start it at all. I'm also having problems with lxdm. Currently running lightdm. I also cannot get Enlightement to run, it gives no display at all. LXDE runs fine.

I'm trying out LXQT because I had never used it before. But the lxqt metapackage pulled in connman, which errors out, leaving me without a connection. I haven't been able to connect with connman at all, on command line or using cmst, so reverted to ifupdown.
slh - 06.11.2016, 23:21
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
Thanks to this evening's uploaded of qtdeclarative-opensource-src 5.7.1~20161021-5 (which more or less contains the QML engine), this regression should be resolved. This means that dist-upgrades should go through without problems and KDE5 should continue to work with the new qt5 updates.
slh - 06.11.2016, 23:30
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
The lxqt meta-package merely recommends "connman | network-manager", but neither is a hard dependency and can be removed, respectively not installed in the first place (contrary to plain Debian, we still -intentionally- disable auto-installing recommends, so this shouldn't be installed automatically on aptosid). Personally I'd recommend to just purge connman again.

Themes for sddm are built using QML as well and code complexity between the various sddm themes differs quite vastly, with sddm-theme-breeze being on the rather complex end (and apparently sddm-theme-breeze was complex enough to fail to render on the broken qtdeclarative version), while our own sddm themes (aptosid-art-sddm-*, e.g. aptosid-art-sddm-nemesis) are kept a little simpler and didn't trigger the afforementioned QML bugs (and kept working just fine). But this bug should be fixed with qtdeclarative-opensource-src >= 5.7.1~20161021-5 as well.
alexk - 07.11.2016, 20:11
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
Ah, yes, my Aptosid, running continuously since the 2009 Sidux days through different hardware, has been a bit debianized by me, hence the Breeze theme and auto-installing recommends (which I've turned off again).
manul - 09.11.2016, 20:06
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
Plasma good here now too.
I was pleasantly surprised by lxqt - very nice, clean and aesthetic minimalistic Qt environment - so I decided to keep it along
dacorsa - 03.12.2016, 14:19
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
yes!!!! i have problem, make a fresh install of 2013-01, as termined make dist-upgrade, but now black screen at boot. i install gnome and now works, how can i utilize PLASMA KDE?
dacorsa - 03.12.2016, 14:30
Post subject: RE: kde-plasma broken?
Another question if i want to install lxqt, what package i have to install?

apt-get install lxqt?

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