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titan - 12.08.2017, 11:06
Post subject: New installation
I will shortly be building a new PC and would like to install aptosid. What is the official ( is there such a thing) method.

finotti - 14.08.2017, 13:53
Post subject: RE: New installation
Someone might correct if I'm wrong, but I think that there is no official way. I, myself, could not install KDE-full from the last ISO a while ago. (I mean, I could instal, but not successfully upgrade.) I seem to remember that someone got it, though. (Maybe I'm wrong... My memory is bad...) You can try to search the forum.
titan - 14.08.2017, 20:22
Post subject: RE: New installation
I have posted here in previous threads on this subject I am aware of various options, in fact wasted a weekend 18 months ago eventually installing aptosid on my laptop when the hd failed. I would just like to know what a dev would recommend as the best way, a few words from slh would be good.
teelittle - 22.08.2017, 01:50
Post subject: RE: New installation
I, too, would appreciate being able to do fresh installs of aptosid!
I am very happy with aptosid for more than two years, and I would like to install it on my next computer.

Reading around, I get the impression that a fresh install of aptosid is a p... in the a.., and I certainly will not spend a whole day getting it running.

Is it really that hard to create a current ISO? - Think of all the new users you could attract by offering an easy installation!
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