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snvv - 22.11.2010, 18:37
Post subject: strigi strange behavior
I have a rather strange behavior of strigi.

Every time a file is created in a strigi folder (i.e. TEST) it restarts the indexing. During that time if you try to search for previous indexed files it does not return anything.

How to reproduce.
1. Create a folder (i.e.TEST).
2. Copy some files (i.e 10 files) into TEST
3. Wait for the indexing to finish.
4. Count the total indexed files (i.e 40)
5. Make some search of files in TEST.
6. CREATE a NEW file into folder TEST and at the same time ...
6.1 observe the indexed files (in Neromuk Strigi File Indexing)
The indexed files will be 30 (40-10).

If the TEST file has a large number of files then during step 6 & 6.1 the search returns null.

Is that a bug?

Also, It does not search my Kmail folder....

I have install kdepim-strigi-plugins & virtuoso-minimal. Do I have to install virtuoso-server?

Thank you.
spacepenguin - 23.11.2010, 06:08
Post subject: RE: strigi strange behavior
AFAIK mails will be indexed when Kmail is completely ported to Akonadi. I guess the other part is a bug. Have you queried bugs.kde.org?
snvv - 23.11.2010, 14:35
Post subject:
Yes it is a bug and I have fill a bug report at KDE.
Thank you
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