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Arato - 02.12.2010, 20:29
Post subject: Kernel security updates
I know Sid doesn't have security updates 'Confused'. But Aptosid's kernel is customized.
A few days ago several security holes were announced in all debian kernels 2.6.3X. I work with debian stable, testing and ubuntus. All of them updated the kernel.
Could any friend tell me if there are security updates for Aptosid kernel?
In case there weren't, one fast solution would be to install latest ubuntu kernels -unless you prefer downgrading-. Their binaries are easy to download and install -headers-all, headers-(amd64 or 386) and image, in this order.
I already did it in a debian Squeeze because of problems with radeon-kms (because I had no way to disable in my machine in Squeeze; in Aptosid there was no problem).
So, in case of severe security holes in debian kernels, does Apstosid manage them as well. I could not see any update related to kernel in the last weeks, while the rest of debian based distros did it.
I do like Aptosid. I used to have Sidux installed from time to time.
Thank you very much and best wishes.
devil - 02.12.2010, 21:52
Post subject: RE: Kernel security updates
you can rest asured, aptosid kernels have no security holes.
those are mostly fixed in aptosid before other distros have fixed kernels.

hubi - 02.12.2010, 22:59
Post subject: RE: Kernel security updates
Fixes are in aptosid even before they are released by kernel.org. You might read the aptosid kernel changelog.

edhunter - 03.12.2010, 00:56
Post subject: RE: Kernel security updates
Last I heard it took Ubuntu a year to fix (by fix I mean patch as fixes were available) 4 severe security holes. I don't think I will trust those kernels Wink

as with the whole of sid the same principle applies. No security fixes as for stable/testing, security fixes come with dist-upgrades and you should check-out how often the aptosid kernel gets updated Smile
Arato - 03.12.2010, 18:26
Post subject: RE: Kernel security updates
Thank you very much for your kind explanations. Yes, I realized you are right. Aptosid rocks. I do love it. Very Happy
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