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Carnophage - 07.12.2010, 12:38
Post subject: Xfce 4.8 pre
Does anyone know anything about the new Xfce version available for debian/aptosid? Or the only way to try it out is to compile it on my own?
muchan - 07.12.2010, 15:06
Post subject: RE: Xfce 4.8 pre
try contact section of this page:
slh - 07.12.2010, 18:11
Post subject: RE: Xfce 4.8 pre
Just a hint, package maintainers just LOVE hordes of users asking for new upstream versions the day upstream released it, even more referring to PREreleases and times of Debian freezes are even more FAVOURED...

Warning: This post might contain traces of irony, hazelnut and sesame.

"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?"
Carnophage - 07.01.2011, 12:37
Post subject: RE: Xfce 4.8 pre
Haven't tried it yet myself: http://blog.fchabik.com/a-little-touch-of-love-for-xfce
muchan - 13.02.2011, 01:01
Post subject: RE: Xfce 4.8 pre

Now that Squeeze has been released, we (the pkg-xfce group) are in the process of uploading 4.8 to Debian. And we are uploading it to experimental for good reasons.


What does this mean for you? That you should *not* upgrade to Xfce 4.8. Not all packages will be upgraded, and mixing 4.6 and 4.8 is a bad idea. We don't know yet what will happen (and that's the whole point of uploading to experimental), and it seems that there are issues indeed.

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