All the news about aptosid - Incoming release for Christmas ;) ????

jaegermeister - 21.12.2010, 14:50
Post subject: Incoming release for Christmas ;) ????
Hi devs,

will there be a Christmas present under the tree???
detaos - 21.12.2010, 15:59
Post subject: RE: Incoming release for Christmas ;) ????
only if it's ready Wink
saxxonian - 21.12.2010, 16:27
Post subject: RE: Incoming release for Christmas ;) ????
hehe, jaegermeister, let's see how much you delayed next release! Wink
sx9 - 22.12.2010, 00:29
Post subject: RE: Incoming release for Christmas ;) ????
There is much planned for apate, like aptosid-gnome, new art, glossary in the manual (this could take longer, so I think that this won't be in the next release, yet), and so on. I would have been happy, if it had been released at christmas, but I don't think so that this would happen.
Sorry Crying or Very sad

Well, I am very exited to see the next release and will be happy to see it soon.
jaegermeister - 22.12.2010, 01:03
Post subject:

as far as I remember, the closest in da list was LXDE....
sx9 - 22.12.2010, 01:18
Post subject:
oops, maybe I talk too much.

Yes the work on a aptosid gnome flavour is in progress, too.
It has made big steps until now, and seems to be very promising and suprisingly stable for that early time of development.
devil - 22.12.2010, 09:19
Post subject:
oh, its christmas soon....
lets see what we can do. aptosid-gnome will not make it for 2010-03, Sad
aptosid-lxde is not held up by us, but by parts of lxde not being in ready in sid/don meet our standards.

jaegermeister - 22.12.2010, 21:35
Post subject:
Danke Smile und Jingle Bells Wink
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