Upgrade Warnings - [solved] Very long "halting" - pstree

blendermen - 22.12.2010, 12:55
Post subject: [solved] Very long "halting" - pstree
After dist-upgrade from sidux to aptosid i noticed that my Linux turns off much longer. Linux stops for a few minutes (during shutdown) and i see words "currently is running (pstree)"
i read the logs and there is no info about that.
What should i do?

sx9 - 22.12.2010, 23:22
Post subject: RE: Very long "halting" - pstree
I have had the same problem a time ago, too. I don't know where it has its origins from, but it dissapeared after I have set up a clean new installation of aptosid. (The main reason for reinstalling it was a different)
I don't want to say that you should immediately do a reinstallation, but I want to underline that there has a problem been existing during this phase of upgrading. And I don't want to say that it has explicitly something to do with the sidux -> aptosid crossgrade, because there are programms like kdm and several other programms listed, that don't have directly anything to do with the sidux/aptosid core.

In short: I have no plan what it is
snvv - 23.12.2010, 01:29
Post subject:
That can happens for many reasons.
For example if you sent to printer a file when the printer is off, then during shutdown pstree appears and hand the system for a while.
blendermen - 23.12.2010, 16:10
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Thanks you guys for help!
I canceled all printer tasks in cups - and now it works perfectly Smile

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