User Scripts & Dragons - Building gallium r600 3D driver?

heras - 22.12.2010, 19:48
Post subject: Building gallium r600 3D driver?

According to some sources the r600g driver has surpassed the r600c driver in functionality/compatibility and 3D speed for some applications. So I would like to try the gallium driver.

Would it be sufficient to only build the 3D driver or is DRI2 manditory? Is this possible to do with a fallback option to the r600c driver if I mess up? The Radeon build howto only says this about the 2D driver which I'm not interested in. If this is likely to blow up my system, can I install a throw away Aptosid on a separate partition without installing the grub and then update-grub from my current install? (Apparently menu.lst no longer exists and can't find the file that I would manualy have to edit)

towo - 22.12.2010, 20:05
Post subject: RE: Building gallium r600 3D driver?
For Gallium3D you need Mesa >=7.9 and DRI2 minimum Version from Experimental.
Afaik, fallback to r600c is not possible iirc.
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