Software - encfs or ecryptfs?

snvv - 23.12.2010, 13:45
Post subject: encfs or ecryptfs?
What is best to use for folder encryption?


With encfs I can create easily folders in various partitions/disks and it works without problem.

On the other hand everybody on net seem to suggest ecryptfs to encrypt data.
However, with ecryptfs I manage to encrypt only a folder in my home dir (*)

and I had to add an entry in my fstab to umount as user.

Any other attempt to create encrypted folders in other partitions and/or disk failed.
I followed the https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Sy ... h_eCryptfs instructions without success.

titan - 23.12.2010, 15:42
Post subject: RE: encfs or ecryptfs?
Have you looked at ccrypt seems simpler to me than a lot of the others. ccencryp to encrypt and ccdecrypt to decrypt with the recursive -r for a folder and all the contents
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