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jaegermeister - 25.12.2010, 16:30
Post subject: Kernel msg verbosity to CLI
Hi there,

I noticed that, starting with move to aptosid, the verbosity of kernel to CLI has quite diminished compared to sidux.... in particular:

- I get no notice of plugin/out of usb devices
- I get no notice of new address, etc. when I run dhclient

I'd like to be able to see the kernel msg like usual without turning to tail syslog. Where's da config???
sx9 - 26.12.2010, 00:07
Post subject: RE: Kernel msg verbosity to CLI
You can try to remove the "quiet" command in you grub config (I'm not sure wich one), but that will be very verbose than.
jaegermeister - 26.12.2010, 13:38
Post subject: RE: Kernel msg verbosity to CLI
Thanks, but actually that has just to do with boot verbosity... and, in my configs, "quiet" is always already deleted from boot string.... (quiet boots remind me of microlost widows...)

I'm instead referring to kernel verbosity that appears in CLI (e.g. Alt+Ctrl+F1) when a system event like the previously mentioned ones takes place.

I just hope it's not a parameter embedded in new slh kernels... recompiling them wouldn't be neither that practical nor the best thing to do.
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