Bug Reports 2010-02 - XFCE, i686,

titan - 14.09.2010, 15:01
Post subject: XFCE, i686,
I have just downloaded checked the Md5 and burnt at DAO the above iso and it fails to start the x server. I am using a K8 mobo with an Athlon 64 cpu I assume this is the correct iso for 32 bit.I have a Radeon 4500 card which works fine with the same kernel on the same PC. any suggestions.

edit:- just tried it on my Intel laptop and it works fine.
towo - 14.09.2010, 15:33
Post subject: RE: XFCE, i686,
Use radeon.modeset=0 as bootcheat.
titan - 14.09.2010, 16:38
Post subject: Re: RE: XFCE, i686,
      towo wrote:
Use radeon.modeset=0 as bootcheat.

Thanks towo that works. Smile
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