Installation - [solved] romanian keyboard language (solved)

daniel_ro - 07.01.2011, 17:37
Post subject: [solved] romanian keyboard language (solved)
Hello to everyone,

I am new to Aptosid. Did a quick search but could not find the answer, so I thought to bother you with the question, maybe someone asked before and you could give me a link. I have installed the sistem in romanian, I have Ro menus, but in OOffice, how can I write in romanian? Near the date, on the taskbar in the right it shows romanian but do not know how to write with ro characters.

saxxonian - 07.01.2011, 19:19
Post subject: RE: romanian keyboard language
Hi Daniel! Welcome to aptosid.
try this: In the systray (next to the date/clock) right click on the flag/language to open the Keyboard Layout menu.
Select an appropriate keyboard (mine is Generic 104-key PC)and from the available layouts on the left select Romania-ro and add it to the right.
Then select Romania-ro on the right (active layouts) and underneath it select Layout variant: Standard Cedilla and Label should be: ro .
In the command line beneath this you should have: setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us,de,ro -variant ,,std_cedilla
daniel_ro - 07.01.2011, 19:51
Post subject: RE: romanian keyboard language
Thank you. It worked!!
catalinus - 19.01.2011, 21:23
Post subject:
I am using xfce flavor, no Romanian install for me, but I'm glad to see two compatriots here!
saxxonian - 20.01.2011, 06:15
Post subject:
Hi catalinus, likewise glad.
used to use xfce few years ago, can't remember how, there is a way of typing -ro in xfce. maybe I will remember.
dorin - 20.01.2011, 09:21
Post subject:
On xfce:
1) Menu->Settings->Keyboard->Layout->Add and add the Romanian cedilla layout
2) rightClik on task-bar->Add New Items->Keyboard Layouts->Add and make the personal settings
Here are more then two.
Welcome to aptosid! Very Happy
ConvBSD - 20.01.2011, 19:26
Post subject:
At least three compatriots there ( including me ).
Va salut domnilor.
dorin - 21.01.2011, 06:45
Post subject:
In this tread we are 5 but are more in the forum and much more users.
Maybe we could make another tread in other section of the forum or a pool.
Also we can collaborate.
Vă salut pe toți!
daniel_ro - 29.04.2011, 19:52
Post subject:
va salut si eu!
saxxonian - 30.04.2011, 18:48
Post subject:
hei Dan, salutare!
sagerian - 18.03.2012, 09:06
Post subject:
Salut baieti!

in aptosid 2011.03, I have the following problem: I can't install a proper Romanian language keyboard layout and it's variants.
In a default install, in "Add layout" dialog box I have three fields:
- limit selection by language: I choose Romanian
- Layout: I have German and Romanian here. Why would I need a German layout in Romanian language? Beats me. Anyway, I choose Romanian here.
- Variant: Default. Here I should just have Romanian layouts, and more than one. Cedilla, comma below etc. Default doesn't explain anything.
RoEn - 18.03.2012, 11:03
Post subject:
http://wiki.aptosidusers.de/index.php?t ... t_hinzu%3F Wink
sagerian - 18.03.2012, 15:02
Post subject:
      RoEn wrote:
http://wiki.aptosidusers.de/index.php?title=Wie_f%C3%BCge_ich_in_xcfe_ein_zus%C3%A4tzliches_Tastatur-Layout_hinzu%3F Wink

Yes, I also have a Romanian flag System Tray and in a text editor like Kate I can't type Romanian characters.
I'm telling you something has changed, this was working fine in the past versions.
I am using aptosid kde full, but it's obviously not full.

If I only knew how to install new keyboard layouts and where to get them, I can't just add them to the used layouts since they don't exist in my computer as files, or so I believe, since I can't choose them in System Settings - Input devices - Keyboard Layouts.
dorin - 18.03.2012, 17:17
Post subject:
1. This tread was mark as solved for xfce.
2. It's safe to use default option for Romanian. I use it because I'm not a type master.
For Romanian's characters I use RightAlt+The_desire_key(I,i,S,s,A,a,T,t,& Q,q) to obtain Î,î,Ă,ă,Ș,ș,Ț,ț, & Â,â.
Also I have Ctrl+LeftAlt+K for switch between layouts (defaults for KDE)
3. You don't need DE layout. Remove'it. Add or let the US as default. Useful for konsole.
For any help ask. You are welcome Very Happy
x-un-i - 19.03.2012, 17:32
Post subject:
Why should one do it the easy way when he can get it through the difficult one...

The release notes:

It is recommended to set keymaps, locales and timezone before booting the live system to be installed, by selecting them from the boot menu [F2], [F3]. This way, locale settings propagate to all required places for the installed system and don't require cumbersome changes at several places.
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