Hardware - USB Wireless-Please assist (solved)

JB - 19.01.2011, 04:04
Post subject: USB Wireless-Please assist (solved)
I am upgrading my wireless, since the speed on the internal wireless is getting a little slow.

When I plug in the usb wireless, Ceni recognizes the drive. It is Realtek. However, when I entered scan, it stated "could not set interface 'wlan1' up. I searched on google. I could not find a solution. I tried ifconfig, but it states there's no such command.

Is there any way to enable the usb wireless? I borrowed my friend's usb wireless. Ceni recognized it. Same problem as I mentioned above.

Drive is realtek and rt2870, if I remember correctly. Your help is appreciated.

Thank you,

cid-baba - 19.01.2011, 07:51
Post subject: RE: USB Wireless-Please assist
Have you installed the firmware (firmware-ralink)?
JB - 20.01.2011, 03:22
Post subject: RE: USB Wireless-Please assist

Thank you. I completely forgot about the firmware. I got it working.

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