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oddball - 23.01.2011, 16:49
Post subject: No new kernels
Today I used a not so often used laptop, did a d-u and there where no new kernel? I did a check after the d-u, there where no aptosid.lst ?????? I have no idea why, what I can see, the laptop is installed in middle of September last year with kernel 2.6.35-4.slh.9-aptosid-686 and I must have done some d-u:s since then but I didn't see the fault until today Embarassed So I did create a valid aptosid.lst, then a d-u and now i got the newest aptosid stuff including the kernel.
browe - 24.01.2011, 19:27
Post subject: RE: No new kernels
Good to know that a long interval between d-u will still roll.
DonKult - 24.01.2011, 21:11
Post subject: RE: No new kernels
Long rolls are possible, but it gets harder and harder and maybe requires handwork. sidux to aptosid for example is no longer official provided, so it can fail (hard). Other upgrades are similar as its harder than you think for a maintainer to provide an upgradepath. Further more, big upgrades have the problem that if something doesn't work after that you can only say: 'Half of my system was updated' which is more or less undebugable - if you can name down the six packages upgraded since last known working situation help is much easier…
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