Bug Reports 2011-01 - [SOLVED] Display issue on 2011-01

murali - 06.02.2011, 05:38
Post subject: [SOLVED] Display issue on 2011-01
Downloaded xfce 686 iso and copied onto usb. After bootup screen is completely dark, could hardly see anything, menus, panel, nothing is clear. Just to check if it was download issue tried 2010 iso and that had no issues at all.

Anything wrong with iso or something need to be passed in boot options?
murali - 06.02.2011, 05:51
Post subject:
Found this is a known issue with 2.6.37 kernel, so tried adding i915.modeset=0. That worked as i could get the display as normal. However since this is a cheatcode, if anyone could help with a more permanent solution it would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
ley_lines - 10.02.2011, 02:49
Post subject:
having same problem with my asus laptop thought it was just me for a while...ive just been adjusting the brightness myself so far
devil - 10.02.2011, 12:37
Post subject:
for now you have to live with the cheat (add it to /etc/default/grub)

moose - 13.02.2011, 22:25
Post subject:
Could it be that I'm affected with this too? I got a backlight issue described here.
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