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clivesay - 06.02.2011, 19:22
Post subject: The speed of SSD
I recently bought my first SSD when Newegg was having one of their Shell Shocker deals. I've been messing with it on an aptosid install and so far it's been fun. My Grub to login times have consistently been 7.8 seconds!

Anyone else using them or have suggestions on a better way to utilize the speed of the drive?

dibl - 06.02.2011, 20:31
Post subject:
I built a new desktop system in November and installed an OCZ Revodrive 120GB SSD in it, and installed aptosid on that. This is a PCI-e bus SSD, and the BIOS does not recognize it as a bootable device (a common issue with PCI bus SSDs ...). So this added a complication -- my first patch-up was an old WD SATA hdd to use for the /boot partition. Later I installed a cheap 16GB SATA SSD to use for /boot, and reinstalled the entire system. It boots to the KDM greeter in about 11 seconds.

I also have a Toshiba NB205 netbook that is about two years old, and last summer I put an OCZ SATA 40GB SSD in it, in place of the hdd. It boots aptosid fast too, although I usually leave it in S2RAM so it just wakes up.
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