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revol - 15.02.2011, 13:51
Post subject: toXic music system
Hello people Very Happy
this is my first post in this forum, I hope the category is right.
I'd like to spread the word about a project of mine, now quite stable...it's name is toXic: a system to ease and improve music/audio experience in Debian Sid/Aptosid (at the moment). Basically a bunch of bash scripts and some GUI interfaces which help not-linux-experts to explore linux music land. It will be useful for expert users too, giving them some tools to quick do operations which are frustrating and waste their time.

Enjoy! Wink
muchan - 15.02.2011, 14:12
Post subject:
your site:

Debian Sid/Sidux/Aptosid are supported directly by a repository containing Music and Multimedia software. These are bleeding-edge packages, so a recent dist-upgrade (year 2010) from Sid repository is mandatory. In order to download software from this repo, you must add this line to your repositories:

looks outdated.
1, there is not sidux any more.
2, recent dist-upgrade (year 2010)? it's not quite recent. 8)
revol - 15.02.2011, 14:32
Post subject:
Recent dist-upgrade: I started the project in 2010, many people testing my system had old 2009 sidux version...I think I'll remove the word 'Recent'
There is not sidux any more: yes but it's only a reference for not-updated guys!

Anyway, I usually write my code on a updated machine and this code *should* work on not updated machines (for computers which cannot use internet connection continuously)

PS: aptosid rulez, but I like so much the name sidux Sad
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