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riyaz - 15.02.2011, 13:56
Post subject: Post Your Desktop
Ah my bad I searched under artwork.

Here is the Original Thread.

http://www.aptosid.com/index.php?name=P ... =5341#5341
luckyb - 15.02.2011, 14:08
Post subject: RE: Post Your Desktop
show your desktop

nice desktop by the way Smile
Sir_Sid - 04.06.2011, 19:03
Post subject:
Very Happy Hello my desktop

DonKult - 04.06.2011, 20:02
Post subject:
We have a wonderful thread for

Arrow posting desktop screenshots

already, so i am closing this one to avoid further fragmentation. On thread with cool screen is enough

(or: one thread is enough to remind me that i have no taste at all, and while i can watch at screens and see beauty i am unable to create one myself, so lets embarrass me only in on thread Embarassed)

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