Hardware - HELP with Linksys please.

fleabag - 14.03.2011, 21:04
Post subject: HELP with Linksys please.
How do I get Aptosid to recognize my Linksys Wireless-B adapter, as it is the only way I can connect to a network?
gerd - 14.03.2011, 21:23
Post subject: RE: HELP with Linksys please.
Wow, so info rich...
What adapter?
Which aptosid version?
fleabag - 14.03.2011, 21:47
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I just said Linksys Wireless-b (the Apotsid version is 2011-01).
gerd - 14.03.2011, 21:50
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fleabag - 14.03.2011, 21:56
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Unfortunately that doesn't answer my question in the least. So could I have a REAL answer please!!!
seagull - 14.03.2011, 22:11
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Have you tried ceni: http://manual.aptosid.com/en/inet-ceni- ... cardconfig
gerd - 14.03.2011, 22:12
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I want to know what that linksys wireless-b is. As the google-link should show, there is no hardware device with this name.
How should anybody help if you don't say the exact name of the linksys device?
(And no "linksys wireless-b" is not an extact name)
fleabag - 15.03.2011, 00:15
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All I know is that my Linksys Wireless-b is a wireless network adapter that is connected to my computer with a USB 2.0 cable, and the model number is WUSB 1.1 ver 2.8, if that is of any help.
DeepDayze - 15.03.2011, 01:09
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for starters post some info about your system:



infobash -v3

fleabag - 15.03.2011, 20:17
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I happened to remember that I downloaded a Linux driver from Driverguide.com. The problem now is that when I try to install it I get a message back saying that it can't be found (yes, it is definitely on my hard drive). What am I doing wrong?
gerd - 15.03.2011, 21:42
Post subject:
You don't answer to questions and provide not one useable information. You download a driver without knowing what a device you have?
How do you try to install and what file?
(and please answer to deepdayze question)
alexk - 16.03.2011, 00:47
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@fleabag: DeepDayze's requested info would be most useful to confirm what kind of chipset is in your adapter, but my best guess from the information you provided on the card is that it has an Atmel chipset and is supported by the at76c50x-usb driver, going by the information at http://linux-wless.passys.nl/query_part.php?brandname=Linksys. This driver should be loaded automatically, but you may be missing the firmware, so make sure you install the package called atmel-firmware.
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