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Stellarex - 16.09.2010, 02:09
Post subject: Synaptics TouchPad KDE Module
Hey everyone,

I started out here after being on many other distro's and was not happy with the way things ran and how complicated setup was for my laptop.

After finding aptosid I can say I am pleased with the layout and functionality of the distro and cant wait to see future releases.


As I said, I installed this on my laptop and was not pleased with the fact that there was no KDE module support for the Synaptics Touchpad within KDE to change settings on it (but there is for Gnome?!)

So I did some research on google and found this and it works perfectly for me (as it should for any of you with the same problem)

{cleary edit: do not ever, EVER recommend the installation of binary debs built for ubuntu on a non-ubuntu system. It is a recipe for a brokenness}
cylverbak - 16.09.2010, 02:27
Post subject: RE: Synaptics TouchPad KDE Module
I've been using kde-config-touchpad on my eeePC. Seems to works well and is in debian/unstable/main.

Edit: If you upgrade to KDE 4.5.1, it ends up under Lost & Found in Settings.
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