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Post subject:   PostPosted: 12.02.2011, 15:44

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With 3 GB memory you will be able to game well too. The Graphic card should be good.
I am very happy with 2 GB, no gaming ofcourse.

Better would have been separate dedicated memory for the Graphics like 2 GB main and 512-1024
for Graphics. But since you are not gaming,may not be needed and this should be value for money.

No point in spending much in laptops, they do not last long. Take 3 years extended warranty
if they give. Can be worth it rather than spending more on hardware you do not need.

Check the build quality too, how tough it is- the hinges etc.

All the best.


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Post subject:   PostPosted: 12.02.2011, 18:43

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I had sidux on Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo without a problem.
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Post subject:   PostPosted: 13.02.2011, 15:18
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Aptosid will run well on almost all modern Laptops/Notebooks/Netbooks - everything else we would consider a bug. After all, we create an operating system specialized for such hardware.

Said that, there is hardware out there worth the money, and other hardware which is not. This has nothing to do with Linux compatibility, but is related loosely sometimes. Quality does have it's price, but for hardware you really use it's always worth the price.

Go for the business line, not for the consumer line. It usually contains better tested and higher quality components, with better Linux drivers.
Go for solid cases, not for good looking ones. Trust your feeling in this regard, if it feels weak, leave it.
Go for quality screens, not for cheap ones. Glare or non-glare is a matter of taste and personal use case, backlight intensity, too (think e.g. about battery life time). Color precision is not, it's a serious quality measure.
No-names are not always bad, often just a re-brand from well known brands. You might save $ 100,-- or more with no-names, just for renouncing the brand sticker.
Always run a test drive from the Aptosid live CD or USB before buying. Give it time, test all you usually need for daily work.
If you order online, make double sure you will receive exactly the product you have tested and know. Check your rights to withdraw and send back. Understand that this is a lot of hassle in many cases, and it can take months to have your hardware back if there was a repair/replacement.

My personal favorites over all those years (including selling and maintaining the hardware at clients) have always been IBM/Lenovo, Dell and HP. The worst experiences I had with Sony (value, quality and service), Toshiba (quality), Apple (value), Fujitsu (quality) and Packard Bell (quality).


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Post subject: old fashioned.  PostPosted: 14.02.2011, 14:32

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i notice this doesn't seem to have either esata or usb3, which puts it really behind the times.

waiting for files to transfer, we all did it in the past. but once you get used to almost instantaneous transfers, it is difficult to go back.

still could make it good value. is there express card slot?


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