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Post subject: Install genuine cdrtools  PostPosted: 04.04.2011, 19:31

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Due to a long-running controversy, the genuine cdrtools is not available in debian repos. wodim, which replaces it, is known to be buggy and ill-maintained. So I always install the genuine cdrtools. If you have burning problems, the genuine cdrtools may cure them.

Below are my steps for doing so on Aptosid. This is rather hackish - purists prepare to cringe. This builds cdrtools, installs a dummy package, and removes wodim. At some point I may try to make a proper package for it. Since it's not in a package, you may need to rebuild it when libraries change (although I've been doing this awhile on several distros and haven't had a problem).

# get the latest cdrtools - currently 3.01a03

# extract and build
tar xjf cdrtools-3.01a03.tar.bz2
cd cdrtools-3.01
sudo make install   # installs to /opt/schily

# create dummy package
apt-get install equivs
nano cdrtools.ctl   # create and add contents:
   Section: web
   Package: cdrtools-dummy
   Provides: wodim, cdrecord, genisoimage, mkisofs
   Replaces: wodim, cdrecord, genisoimage, mkisofs
   Description: cdrtools dummy package
    This package provides dpkg with the information that
    wodim cdrecord genisoimage are installed.
equivs-build cdrtools.ctl

# install dummy and remove wodim
sudo dpkg -i cdrtools-dummy_1.0_all.deb
sudo apt-get remove wodim genisoimage

# Create links:
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/readcd /usr/bin/readcd
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/readcd /usr/bin/readom
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/mkisofs /usr/bin/mkisofs
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/mkisofs /usr/bin/genisoimage
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/cdrecord /usr/bin/cdrecord
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/cdrecord /usr/bin/wodim
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/cdda2wav  /usr/bin/cdda2wav
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/cdda2ogg /usr/bin/cdda2ogg
sudo ln -s /opt/schily/bin/cdda2mp3 /usr/bin/cdda2mp3

# Cleanup
cd ..
rm -r cdrtools-3.01
rm cdrtools-3.01a03.tar.bz2

EDIT: BTW I use "sudo" to denote "do this command as root" - actual use of sudo is not required.

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Post subject:   PostPosted: 05.04.2011, 03:28

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I've been playing around with this too and have a different solution that might be less invasive.
I leave the fake cdrecord -> wodim link in /usr/bin because at some point hopefully it will be replaced by the real cdrecord. What I do is put /opt/schily/bin ahead of $PATH in .bashrc Here are the steps I suggest:


$cd ~/src
$tar xvzf cdrtools-beta.tar.gz
$cd cdrtools-3.01
$sudo checkinstall -D --install=no
#dpkg -i --force overwrite cdrtools-3.01-1_amd64.deb

Force was requried because smake is also installed. Also note that Schily prefers Gmake and includes it in the tarball.

and in .bashrc add the following for root and user:



Since aptosid follows debian it's unlikely that Schily's programs will be included until debian incorporates them... if ever. Note that k3b looks for Schily's cdrecord before cdrecord -> wodim.
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